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Cards are a key component to From Rust and make up the game's gameplay.

Types[edit | edit source]

  • Ability Cards - are character-specific cards can be assigned at the Airship Equip section; using an ability card does not discard it
  • Augment Cards - are cards can assigned at the Airship Equip section to increase a character's stats
  • Character Cards - are cards that represent player characters
  • Consumable Cards - are session-specific cards found within a zone; these cards cannot be purchased from the store, and are typically one-time use
  • Event Cards - cards which trigger unique story moments that can have good or bad consequences; they often require players to make a choice between options
  • Gear Cards - are blueprint cards that can be used, once crafted. They must be brought to obtain the card and must be recrafted every game.
  • Monster Cards - are enemy cards that are found within a zone
  • Resource Cards - are crafting material cards (such as Scrap and Components)